Credit Terms and Application

Team K/E’s Terms and Conditions are as follows:

January 2014

Annual Statement of Credit Policy

K/E Electric Supply extends credit terms to our customers based on similar terms issued by the majority or our manufacturers. These terms are implemented to all open charge accounts and will be strictly adhered to.

Invoices dated the 26th of a month through the 25th of the following month, are due net on the 10th of the following month.

Invoices not paid by the 25th of the due month will be charged a 1-1/2% service charge on the 26th, and on each subsequent 26th, until paid. This represents 18% per year.

An account that exceeds its credit limit or becomes 60 days past due will be placed on STOP or C.O.D. basis with the appropriate collection procedure taken.

Invoices will be mailed to our customers on a twice-weekly basis. Statements are issued and mailed to arrive by the 1st day of the month, following the month of purchase.

The policy on merchandise returned is: Stock merchandise in the original carton and condition may be returned in reasonable quantities when the original invoice is presented. Returns of special orders are subject to our manufacturer’s return policies.


Payment on account made by credit cards must be made for the amount due, on or before the 25th of the month in which it is due. If payment on account is made by credit card after the 25th a 1 ½% Service Charge will be added to the credit card payment.

Thank you and best wishes for your continued success.

Applicants may download our credit application and return it by fax or mail.

Download the Credit Application