Join Team K/E!

Team K/E is always looking to grow its family.

As a “team”, employees of K/E Electric are more than willing to “fill in” or “rotate” job positions, which may temporary be vacant due to vacations, turn over, etc.  This attitude helps the team earn those “Summer Contest” trips that we are all so fond of.

We continue to look for persons, who want to work hard and enjoy themselves at it. With three locations in southeast Michigan, Team K/E offers great opportunity to do just that. Our employees are happy to specialize in the following job categories. Please, click on the heading below to email your resume.


  • Counter Person
  • Outside Sales Person
  • Inside Support
  • Lighting and Project Quotations


  • Warehouse Receiving
  • Warehouse Picking
  • Truck Driver
  • Purchasing and Returns


  • Order Confirmation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Telephone Operator
  • Accounts Receivables


Team K/E Benefit Package includes…

Family Health Insurance

Family health coverage is available to all full time employees.  The company pays the first $600 of monthly expense towards family health coverage.  The Team K/E health plan is reviewed bi-annually by an ad-hoc committee of employees.  The committee evaluates health plans and makes a recommendation for the following year.

Paid Vacations

Full time employees receive one or two weeks paid vacation, based on like years of service. Upon completion of ten years service, employees receive an additional day of paid vacation, each year, through their twentieth year of service.

Paid Holidays

Prior to each January 1st, management determines what week days national holidays will fall on in the following calendar year.  Based on this criteria, six to eight paid holidays are established, and offered to all employees.

Profit Sharing

Management contributes to a profit sharing plan each year.  Voluntary contributions are based on the annual success of the company and typically range from 12%-14% of wages.  By law, the company cannot contribute more than 15% and by success the company has rarely contributed less than 6% of employee W2 wages to the plan.

Employee 401K

Employees may contribute to a 401K Plan on a weekly/payperiod basis.  Contributions are made tax deferred and can be invested in a variety of selected Mutual Funds.  Employees are eligible for the 401k plan after one year of service, with entry dates of January 1st and July 1st. Internet access is provided for employee account access.

Monthly Contest

For the months January through November, the company offers Team K/E a bonus program of $100-$200 per month, paid on the first Friday in December.  The Team K/E Monthly Bonus Contest requires full time employment through November and is based on sales/profits. The “Team Bonus” is an “all win or all lose” program, where by all employees “win or loose” together.  Its Great Cash Flow for the Holiday Season!

Summer Contest

From June through September, the company offers Team K/E a bonus program of Trips, Prizes and/or Cash.  The Summer Bonus Contest requires full time employment for all of the four months of the contest and is based on sales/profits.  Like the Monthly Contest, the Summer Contest is an “all win or all lose” program.  Trips are taken as a group, with spouses and sometimes children.  The trips consist of a long weekend, where by the company typically rotates staff on Monday and Friday, or closes for business on Friday.  Click on the Summer Contest link for more information.

Direct Deposit

The company offers direct deposit of employee pay.  Our plan is extremely flexible, permitting employees to split their pay between several bank accounts.  In fact, it has become quite common for employees to forward a small portion of their pay directly to a savings account.  Pay yourself first!


Your Voice is Heard!

Monday Jam Sessions

Between the months of September and May, Team K/E meets on Monday nights at 5pm, for approximately one hour.  These meetings include employee training, product updates and manufacturer representation.  One Monday per month is reserved for “Team K/E members”. These “jam sessions” offer opportunity for brainstorming on topics to improve the company.

No “Principle” Sessions

Once each year, members of Team K/E meet with each other and “no principles” of the company are present.  The purpose of the meeting is to allow a forum for employees of the company to discuss and work out issues and solutions for the company, without the attendance of upper management.  The results of these discussions are written and presented to the management, in an anonymous format.  Some of the company’s most productive solutions have come from these meetings.

Steering Committee

To guide the general management in determining the long term goals of the company, a Steering Committee of seven people has been formed.  The committee meets quarterly and consists of the three company owners, three long time employees and the general manager. The vision of the company is focused by this committee.